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nice work!
Maxine Young(non-registered)
Excellent Work Aerie!!!! I am proud of you and look forward to continued great work.
Donna Bayliss(non-registered)
It is truly beautiful to see how far you have come since first seeing one of your hand sketches almost 20 years ago now - your true gift and raw talent continues to grow...amazingly. Well done!
Gary Lamb(non-registered)
Lovely and very professional. what about those fantasy shots?
Jameel Ferrier(non-registered)
Excellent work Aeron. I proudly refer you to my clients.
K. Nation(non-registered)
Wonderful!!!! This is really great and the Marlon & Debbie are a beauty.
Betty Elliott(non-registered)
Wonderful Job!!!
Matrin Kopp(non-registered)
Hi Aeron, I really love your work. simply amazing thats all i wanna say.

Greetz from Berlin and :)
These are pretty awesome!
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